AS LEVEL HISTORY: Int. Option 9389

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Why Choose AS Level History: International Option?

Through the study of History candidates gain lifelong skills including, assessing different interpretations of an argument, formulating their own ideas about a subject, presenting clear and logical arguments, evaluating historical evidence and developing understanding of international relations. Cambridge International AS Levels are recognised around the world by schools, universities and employers. The qualifications are accepted as proof of academic ability for entry to universities worldwide.

How are candidates assessed?

COLS have preselected the topics for each component. They are related to each other.

Component 1 
Document question (source-based): 1 hour examination (40% of weighting)
The Search for International Peace and Security, 1919–1945.

Component 2 
Outline study: 1 hour 30 minute examination (60% of weighting)
International Relations, 1871–1945.


Aims of COLLS AS History: Candidates should develop

  • an interest in the past and an appreciation of human endeavour
  • a greater knowledge and understanding of historical periods or themes
  • a greater awareness of historical concepts such as cause and effect, similarity and difference, and change and continuity
  • an appreciation of the nature and diversity of historical sources available, and the methods used by historians
  • an exploration of a variety of approaches to different aspects of history and different interpretations of particular historical issues
  • the ability to think independently and make informed judgements on issues
  • an empathy with people living in different places and at different times
  • a firm foundation for further study of History

… and ultimately to provide a worthwhile and engaging educational experience for all students.

For the full aims and assessment objectives of the course, see the full syllabus provided by Cambridge.


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