AS LEVEL AFRIKAANS 8679 (Coming Soon)


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Why choose AS Level Afrikaans?

Cambridge International AS and A Levels in languages other than English are accepted by universities and employers as proof of linguistic ability and understanding.

Successful language students gain lifelong skills, including:

  • the ability to communicate confidently and clearly in the target language
  • a sound understanding of the nature of language and language study, and of the skills and abilities¬† required for further study, work and leisure
  • insight into the culture and contemporary society of countries where the language is spoken
  • better integration into communities where the language is spoken
  • positive attitudes towards language learning, towards the speakers of other languages, and towards other cultures and societies
  • skills which can be used in other areas of learning, such as analysis and memory skills.


Prior learning

We recommend that candidates who are beginning this course should have previously completed a Cambridge IGCSE assessment/course or equivalent in Afrikaans.


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