Meet the Team

Geography and Environmental Management:
Daniel Landi (BSc, PGCE, MEd)

The founder and Director of Cambridge Online Learning Support, Daniel Landi,  has been teaching and learning for 15 years in Government and independent schools, both in the UK and Internationally.  In 1989 when he was 16, he realised that the curriculum at his South African school did not support the entrance requirements for the UK University he wanted. So he contacted the British Embassy, arranged to sit “overseas O levels” as they were then called, got his sister’s old class notes and a few “Letts Study” aids and took himself off to study. It was this success that made him realise at a very personal level that traditional schooling is not an essential component of academic success.  He has gone to great lengths to ensure that Cambridge Online Learning Support is a cutting-edge service in effective online teaching and learning available to domestic and international students to support their efforts in preparing for the examination process.

Garric Freeze (BSc, PGCE)

Garric is the Mathematics tutor and manages the COLLS Mathematics course. His qualifications include a BSc Honours (Mathematics), PGCE (UKZN Pietermaritzburg) and he has been teaching High school Mathematics (NSC, IEB and Cambridge) since 2008. His interests range from crunching numbers and statistics, to music and film collection. His personal approach to teaching stem from Albert Einstein’s philosophy: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”, hence he considers himself to be on the same deck as my learners and I intend to ensure they stay onboard! As much as he encourages his learners to continuously extend themselves in the subject, he still extends his Math repertoire to this day.

Computer Science:
James Burgess

James Burgess is in charge of the Physics and Computer science courses. James  studied independently for Cambridge external exams in 2014 and achieved top marks for Physics, Maths and Computer Science, Since then he has been tutoring both Maths and Computer Science while continuing his self study in computer science. Having dismissed the concept of formal education, James is capable of bringing new ideas and new ways of thinking into the classroom. Basing his pedagogy on the work of Richard Feynman, James’s youthful approach brings a new light to learning with his thoughtful analogies and exciting stories and is a valued member of the COLLS team. Inspired by the questions posed by his students, he finds himself continuously challenged to improve and develop his own understanding and this is translated in the tweaking and development of his courses.

French and Spanish:
Dr Ana Garcia (PhD, DTM)

Dr Ana is a Communications Specialist with a Master’s degree in Education and Languages from her native Bilbao Teaching University (Spain), with qualifications in 4 languages (Spanish, English, Basque and French) and more than 10 years’ experience as a Languages Teacher in Spain (Basque Government) and South Africa (Lycée Français du Cap). Dr Ana has a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Sciences (PhD) specializing in Transpersonal Counselling (integration of higher consciousness in the counselling process). She is also a Reiki Master and a Coach U CTP graduated Life and Business Coach.

English and History:
Paul Maneveld (BA, PGCE)

Paul Maneveld does not always dress as well as this picture suggests. With a BA degree from the University of Cape Town, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the same, Paul’s majors were English and History, but he considers himself a student of many other fields, and is fascinated with the minutiae of daily living. Driven by his motto of “There is no such thing as useless information”, Paul attempts in his teaching to convey this pedagogical outlook, and encourage his students to see relevance, and draw connections between, everything that they learn and experience, as well as cultivate a love for English in all its forms. He prides himself on his lighthearted outlook and sense of humour, considering these essential to the profession.

English and Business Studies:
Roxanne Hemingway (B.Com,PGCE)

Roxanne has been teaching English and Business Studies in Government and Independent schools for over five years. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Stellenbosch. Roxanne is a dynamic educator with a love for English and passion for Business. She uses the medium of her subjects to teach broader life skills and focuses on a child’s individual development. Roxanne encourages and promotes creative and free-thinking learning through her calm disposition that creates a nurturing classroom environment in which students feel comfortable to actively participate.

Chemistry and Biology:
Karin Winterbach (Hons. BSc, HED)

Karin Winterbach is a keen athlete and passes her free time with mountain biking or trail running. She is an energetic, positive individual with a life motto of “I’ll rather burn out than fade away” making any given day an opportunity to do as much as possible.  She finds most animals more interesting than humans – except for teenagers – and therefor has been in high school education for more than 10 years. She has taught in the UK, Australia, the Middle East as well as South Africa, and leads the Science department.

English Language and Literature:

Shannon Levey (BA, MCC, BA Hons. Phil, BA Hons. Lit)

Shannon has been involved in secondary and tertiary education for over a decade, and has a passion for education in its various forms. She has been part of the private school system in Zimbabwe since 2009, teaching Cambridge English Language and Literature, from IGCSE to A Level. She uses the medium of English Language to encourage self confidence and self expression within her students. Her main focus over the years has been students who are said to be on the margins of the mainstream, and she has enjoyed huge successes with lower streamed students, achieving high pass rates in classes that were deemed unable to pass English. Her love of literature and approachable nature combine to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for students.