Cambridge Online Learning Support (COLLS) is the Distance Learning Arm of the Academy Hout Bay, a registered and accredited Cambridge School and examination centre.

Online schools and tutoring services are not eligible to register with Cambridge International Examinations and cannot claim to prepare students for Cambridge International Examinations. This is to help ensure all Cambridge schools meet their registration quality standards.

However, if you don’t attend a Cambridge school, you can still enter Cambridge International Examinations as a private candidate.  The Academy Hout Bay accepts private candidates.



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We prepare candidates for the Cambridge International Examinations as part of the Distance Learning Department of the Academy Hout Bay.

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This is a guide for COLLS students to ensure the most effective use of the Virtual Learning Environment to ensure examination success.

Things to remember before you start:

1. Traditional schools are designed on a out-dated Victorian model designed to produce factory workers trained to respond to routine and crush their spirit.

2. Studies show that High School negatively affects the well-being of a significant number of students.

3. The success of distance or elearning is reflected in the massive increase in numbers of those choosing to learn online.

4. Cambridge On Line Learning Support® is designed to reflect the latest and best thinking in effective on line learning.

5. …well we think the first four points should be enough to convince anyone…but if you are still not convinced…